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About Advocates for Behavioral Change

Welcome to Advocates for Behavioral Change.  We are here to help you overcome obstacles and resolve conflicts that interfere with your sense of happiness and well-being.  Together, we’ll assess your strengths, improve your relationships, and change your self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Our skills and experience will help you think about yourself and your situation in new ways.

Our goal is to support and empower you to successfully navigate life’s challenges and to find solutions to your problems.

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E. Christopher Payne, Ph.D.

I have been providing counseling and psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and families for 
over thirty years, primarily in a private practice setting. I received my doctorate in counseling 
psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University, after having completed my pre-doctoral internship at the Danville VA Medical Center in Illinois. 

I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses, as an adjunct faculty member, at several colleges 
and universities in the greater Lehigh Valley area. I am also an artist and music enthusiast. Both my 
professional and leisure pursuits are expressions of my creativity, curiosity, and dedication to a path of self-discovery. 

As a licensed psychologist working in private practice, I offer highly individualized services to my clients, including treatments for depression, anxiety, addictions, attention deficit disorder (ADHD}, and bipolar disorder. I also have experience working with veterans, older adults, professional caregivers, and the 
LGBTQ community. 

I believe that establishing a positive therapeutic relationship, grounded in respect for diversity of 
experience, is a crucial factor in helping my clients reach their goals. 

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Velda W. Mescher, L.C.S.W.

I have been assisting individuals, couples, families and groups for over twenty-five years. I received my Master's in Social Work from Marywood University and am a licensed clinical social worker. I received post-degree training at the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis. I am also a U.S. Army Veteran and a former police officer (Corpus Christi, Texas). I have worked in direct service and healthcare management, serving diverse populations. 

My education, training and experience allow for a broad understanding of human needs. I work within a bio-psycho-social model of care that honors diversity and supports spiritual growth. 

I am personally and professionally committed to mindfulness practices and use meditation regularly. 
I also participate in a bi-weekly peer support group for women. 

I believe that successful psychotherapy promotes personal insight and growth, as well as a deepening spiritual connection. 

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